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MY BABY IS COLICY! CAN CHIROPRACTIC HELP? Johns Hopkins Medicine describes colic as a healthy baby crying “for a very long period of time, for no obvious reason.”  They go on to state that “it Read More


BREASTFEEDING:  ITS IMPORTANCE AND HOW CHIROPRACTIC CAN HELP The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children be exclusively breastfed for approximately the first six months of life.  They recommend that Read More

Tech Neck: A Musculoskeletal Catastrophe

“Tech Neck”, also referred to as “text neck,” is the term often used to describe the negative change in head and neck posture that slowly develops over time due to Read More

Inflammation: The Silent Killer

Inflammation has been getting a lot of attention in healthcare recently, and for good reason.  This is because low-grade, persistent, systemic inflammation at the cellular level has recently been understood Read More


SMOOTHIES:  WHAT TO PUT IN THEM It’s really important to get a variety of plants in your diet.  Not only do plants provide you with important vitamins and minerals for proper body function, Read More

Scoliosis: What Is It, What Causes It, And How Chiropractic Can Help?

SCOLIOSIS:  WHAT IS IT, WHAT CAUSES IT, AND HOW CHIROPRACTIC CAN HELP When new patients come in for their initial exam, they will often inform us that they have scoliosis.  When Read More

Aging Well: How To Do It

With some of my spare time in the morning, I will often read short informational articles about health and wellness. Recently, I read a short article about suggestions for aging Read More

Kombucha - What in The World Is It?

What is kombucha? Simply put, kombucha is a carbonated, probiotic tea.  It has a tangy, vinegary taste with some sweetness. How is kombucha made? Kombucha is made by placing a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Read More

Top Tips for Better Sleep Quality

Sleep: Importance, Benefits, and how to do it  Quality sleep is vitally important to our health.  It ought to be viewed as one of the “health basics,” such as consistent physical Read More

Blue Zones

BLUE ZONES:  TOOLS FOR LIVING A LONG, HEALTHY LIFE What are Blue Zones? Blue zones are specific geographical locations around the world where people live longer than average.  There are five Blue Read More


COFFEE:  THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE MOLDY My guess is (without digging into any statistics) most Americans drink at least one cup of coffee sometime throughout the day, every day, Read More

Chiropractic and Older Adults

CHIROPRACTIC AND OLDER ADULTS:  WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? A large portion of our patient base is between the ages of 35-50.  Obviously, these patients have parents in their late 60’s, 70’s, Read More

World Spine Day 2022

WORLD SPINE DAY 2022:  EVERY SPINE COUNTS! Since 2008, October 16th has been designated as World Spine Day.  This year’s theme is “Every Spine Counts.”  The purpose of World Spine Day Read More

Chiro Neurology

JOINTS AND NERVES:  WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM WHEN YOU RECEIVE A CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT? Most patients understand how the spine can become misaligned and need correction, or how joints can Read More

Chiropractic History: DD and Harvey

Chiropractic was discovered in 1895 when Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer, a Canadian immigrant, delivered the first chiropractic adjustment to a local janitor named Harvey Lillard in Davenport, Iowa.  D.D. Palmer Read More

A Chiropractors Education

We often find that people are unfamiliar with a chiropractor’s education.  Chiropractors are trained as primary care physicians, which requires that they be well-educated in a wide variety of areas. Read More

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