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With some of my spare time in the morning, I will often read short informational articles about health and wellness. Recently, I read a short article about suggestions for aging well.  Here are a few things I would suggest for aging well that often go missed. 

  • Get adjusted on a consistent basis.  Consistent chiropractic care in the geriatric population has been shown to reduce the risk of fall accidents.  It enhances coordination and balance through improved nervous system function.  It also improves an older adult's chances of being independent and performing necessary activities of daily living (such as cooking, cleaning, driving a car, etc.) Consistent chiropractic care has a cumulative effect over time, continuously improving your quality of life as you receive consistent care.  Some recent research has suggested that chiropractic care is the most effective way to reduce fall risk and improve quality of life in older adults.

  • Exercise.  Resistance exercise (light weights, resistance bands, body weight exercises, swimming, etc.) in particular will serve to reduce the risk of falls and improve an older adult’s ability to perform physical tasks as they age.  

  • Drink water.  One thing that many older adults fail to do on a consistent basis is drinking adequate amounts of water.  A common way to measure water intake appropriately is to drink half of your body weight in ounces.  To accomplish this, make it a habit to carry a water bottle with you around the house or when you are out and about.

  • Reduce intake of sweets.  Many older adults tend to develop more of a “sweet tooth” as they age.  Keep an eye on this!  Arguably the worst ingredient in any food that you could consume on a regular basis are refined sugars, which are so often in the candies, baked goods, sauces, drinks, and other sweets we consume.

  • Combat common nutritional deficiencies.  Older adults tend to lack certain nutrients in their diet more than other age-dependent subgroups.  Calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids are among the most common and arguably most important deficient nutrients found in older adults.  So, eat more vegetables (especially dark green leafy veggies), get some sun, and eat some more fatty fish like tuna or salmon!

  • Supplement.  Consider supplementing your diet with some Echinacea, Black Cumin seed, Ashwagandha, Cat’s Claw, Astragalus, and/or Curcumin to decrease inflammation and boost your immune system.  Aging well means a strong immune system.  All supplements and herbs on the market are “not created equal”.  The majority are of poor quality and not strong enough to properly address the therapeutic needs of the modern patient.  We partner with only high quality whole-food supplement and herb providers.  These supplements are only sold through health care providers and are available to you here at Ollis Chiropractic.   

Above are some of the simplest ways you can set yourself up for success as you age.  For more information on how to age well, please contact the Ollis Chiropractic team at [email protected] or 502-412-8580.

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