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Ollis Chiropractic is absolutely wonderful! They can make a difference in your life, your attitude and your overall health! They are professional, knowledgeable & fun! They light my world!

- Carole

Going to Ollis Chiropractic is the best part of the week!! Once Dr. Ollis adjusts me, it starts my week off great and always puts me in a better mood. Dr. Ollis is an expert in chiropractic care and I have full trust that he will perfectly align my spine and neck every adjustment! If I ever have a particular spot of pain, I always let Dr. Ollis know and he goes directly to the spot, corrects the joint/muscle, providing instant relief 100% of the time. The staff is very friendly as well!! Thanks Ollis Chiropractic for a great experience!!

- Scotty S

Seeing Dr. Ollis on a regular basis has definitely improved my back and neck problems. He is extremely knowledgeable and I like how he takes time to explain things in detail. The entire staff is great!

- Bret W

Ollis Chiropractic is fantastic! I struggle with back discomfort from mild scoliosis and Dr. Ollis has treated me with expert care for the past several months. The staff is extremely friendly and personable. I feel comfortable and at ease during my appointments. Dr. Ollis has a passion for what he does and loves to teach his patients the WHY behind chiropractic care, which has been beneficial to me. I love Ollis Chiropractic, and wouldn't go anywhere else for chiropractic!

- Holly S

My name is Jacob, and Ollis Chiropractic has helped me tremendously! I have lower back pain and neck pain, and it continues to feel much better every time Dr. Ollis adjusts me. He adjusts my spine into alignment, and its like the power is turned on in my body. Not only is he passionate about his work, but he is also the most personable Dr. I've met. Every Tuesday, I get adjusted, and its what I look forward to all week. They staff is very flexible and friendly as well.

- Jacob S

Ollis Chiropractic is wonderful!! I have been seeing Dr. Ollis for about 5 years. I go to him for overall health maintenance and foot/joint problems. He is very knowledgeable about the complexities of the body and educates you on what our bodies are telling us with our aches and pains. I feel so much better with regular chiropractic adjustments. I have recommended Ollis Chiropractic to many friends and family that have been very pleased with their knowledge and professionalism.

- Jennifer T

Dr. Ollis is remarkable. He is dedicated, patient and knowledgeable. The entire staff is friendly. I started coming to him for my headaches. He was able to get rid of them with no medication. I would highly recommend Dr. Ollis. I have learned so much about how the body works. The things I have learned has helped me become healthier.

- Paula

Our family has been seeing Dr. Jason for over 5 years and we love him! My husband and I have 4 teens that are tournament tennis players and often have strains/injuries related to their sport. He has been able to adjust them so that they can play again quickly and without pain. Dr. Jason is very knowledgable and personable and we always enjoy seeing him for regular maintenance as well as for injuries. The office is well run and the staff is flexible and friendly. We would highly recommend this office.

- Rhonda K

I've been going to see Dr Jason for 9 + years for regular maintenance and adjustments. He's awesome and is very passionate about his work. Both my wife and daughter see him on a regular basis as well. I contribute a big portion of the overall health of our family to his care. In the 9 + years of seeing doctor Jason, I've had the occasional sports injury and unfortunately been in a few car accidents as well, Dr. Jason has always been available to help me and offer treatment. He also has a great support staff with his office manager Stephanie, who is always flexible at working me in on short notice and both Cameron and Phil, who share a similar passion as doctor Jason and you can tell that collectively as a group the office is very committed to their patients. I have and will continue to recommend Ollis Chiropractic to my friends, family and colleagues.

- Jason H

I just moved to the area and tried different Doctors. I was some what disappointed till I found Dr. Jason. He really helped my back problems, and I feel wonderful now. He showed me excerises to do. which really helped. I went to him about 3 days a week for a month and now about once every 3-4 weeks. I told my Son about him now he goes to him too. The office staff is very freindly, and tries to accomodate you. Thanks Dr. Jason And Stephanie

- Sherry B

I highly recommend Ollis Chiropractic. I was originally introduced to the business due to back and neck problems. I thought I may have to go multiple times a week for years to manage the pain, but luckily, I have felt much better after seeing Dr. Ollis and now only go for maintenance work.

- Emma G

After being rear-ended in an automobile accident on Interstate 65, I was very worried about the pain in my back, neck and shoulders. Within 45 minutes of the accident I could not stand-up straight or walk regularly. I went to the hospital and was told that X-rays were negative but informed I had muscle strains. I was given many different prescriptions for pain. After several days I realized that the pain pills were making me groggy and were not doing anything to heal the muscles in my body that had been affected by the accident. Side-effects of the pain pills made it impossible to function at school or work; without the pain pills the pain in my back, neck and shoulders was too severe to focus while at school or work.

At my first appointment with Dr. Jason Ollis, I was shown the negative X-rays of my back. He identified that although there were no broken bones, the alignment of my spine had been compromised due to the tightening of the muscles that had been affected by the automobile accident. After a thorough evaluation of my injuries, Dr. Ollis made a comprehensive treatment plan to help get me away from the pain pills, and the pain, as soon as possible.

In just a few treatment sessions the pain in my shoulder was completely alleviated. I continued to see Dr. Ollis for treatment on a bi-weekly basis. I performed the recommended at-home exercises, use the foam back roller I purchased from his office, and began using a Tempurpedic neck pillow. After a few weeks of treatment, the tightness and pain in my neck was relieved. Thereafter, my back pain lessened with each visit and ultimately I recovered from the injuries in full.

Thanks to Jason's in-depth knowledge of how the body functions as a whole and in parts, I received treatment that allowed my body to heal instead of given pills that masked the symptoms and put me in a daze. During treatment, not only did I notice how much the pain subsided, but I also noticed how much my health improved as a whole. I managed to get through an Ohio River Valley fall and winter without getting a sinus infection for the first time in eight years. I was able to concentrate on school and work tasks without pain and sit to read for longer periods of time than before the accident.

I hated getting in an accident but am glad I was introduced to Ollis Chiropractic.

- Alex White

Before I came to Dr. Jason's Office I went to a different chiropractor who just made the experience a horrible one. He was rude and I just didn't get along well with him. I wanted to just stop going to the chiropractor all together and then I heard about Dr. Jason and decided to give it another try. I have had a wonderful experience here at Ollis Chiropractic and the staff are just awesome. My pain is gone and my body is starting to work properly. Everyone needs a chiropractor, and I have to say that Dr. Jason is the best! : )

- Brooke W., Crestwood, KY

What can I say... begining treatment with Dr. Jason has improved my life. Before, when subluxations would occur, my life was disrupted. For the past six years my experience with Dr. Jason's office and staff has been informative, educational, and in many ways enlightening. I would highly recommend learning more about chiropractic care.

- Kelly G., Louisville, KY

Why do I have Dr. Jason adjust my 17 month old daughter's spine once a week? Let me ask you: Have you ever worried about your child being around another sick kid or adult? Do you put your faith in immunizing your child against possible diseases? Do you wince when your child falls or gets hurt, wondering if it will cause permanent damage? I don't. I don't worry about these things because with Frannie under regular chiropractic care, I know her body is functioning at it's highest healing potential.

- Courtney S., Louisville, KY

I have always wondered whether this would work for the back and neck problems I have had most of my life. It wasn't until a few months ago when the pain became severe and unbearable that my doctor sent me to a physical therapist. Two and a half months later and I was no better off. My doctor then sent me to a neurosurgeon who prescribed more mediction on top of what my doctor had already given me.

By then I had begun to bring my son to Dr. Jason in the hopes of improving his health. I decided to try it myself and the change in my life is very nearly miraculous. Instantly I began to feel relief from the pain I had been dealing with forever it seemed. Now only a couple of weeks into treatment I feel so much better and I look forward to it even more so. My husband is coming now too, so we are seeing Dr. Jason as a family. We all look forward to better health.

- P.W., Louisville, KY

I started coming to Ollis Chiropractic in January, 2004. My problems were chronic neck, jaw, and mouth pain. I couldn't sleep well and had severe headaches. As I learned about chiropractic I ended up getting my two children involved, ages three and six. My three year old had ear infections every month and seemed sick with allergies and colds every other week. She had dark red circles under her eyes and her skin was blotchy. My six year old has always been "healthy" but I knew that chiropractic care could only make her "light bulb" burn brighter.

After two months, I felt so much better. My headaches were gone and my neck was getting better. The most unbelievable and fantastic change was in my three year old. She immediately stopped getting ear infections, her cold and allergy outbreaks were getting less frequent. Im not sure exactly when the dark circles under her eyes disappeared completely, but I noticed them getting lighter and lighter. One day I noticed they were just gone, and better yet her skin was like ivory cream. As I look back at earlier pictures of her, those red circles really stood out. How I wish I knew about chiropractic earlier! As for my six year old, her light bulb burns brighter and all of us will continue to be brighter still! As a family it has changed our lives and health in the most positive way, we cannot say enough about the power of chiropractic.

Carole Y., Louisville, KY

My name is Amanda W. I came to Dr. Ollis in November as a severely subluxated individual. I was born with hip displacia and was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of five. The doctors told my mother I would never walk. I did. I fell a lot, but I did it. I was pigeon-toed because of my hip displacia, and I walked with my feet turned in. This caused me to fall a lot. I finally corrected this problem myself by holding my upper knee and turning my feet out. My knees still pointed inward, but I was able to walk without falling down.

As I grew older, the obviousness of my disease began to show in the way of a hump on my back. My self-confidence level was at an all time low. I couldn't wear the bathing suits that all my friends were wearing in the summer; I didn't want to lean over to pick things up because it made the hump on my back more prominent; and it just made me feel like a freak. My mom would tell me that God doesn't make mistakes, but clearly someone messed up somewhere.

When I was thirteen, my mom took me to see a Chiropractor. He told me that I would not be able to have children because of this disease. He said it had made my pelvic bones grow too close together. This bothered me to a certain extent, because I knew one day I would want children, but not at that time. That thought still stayed with me though and haunted me. Wouldn't my body still grow? If the Lord wanted, couldn't he fix it? I started to get angry with him. Why had he done this to me? It wasn't fair. The option of surgery had come up and I got scared. They wanted to take a what and put it where? No way! Besides, I still had a lot of time left to grow and my body to change. They said I had to decide before I was eighteen. My motto was, "If I'm still walking and I'm not in pain, I am not going to be vain and worry about the apperance of my back. Other people have far worse trouble than me."

After I graduated from high school, I left for college. I started to notice pain and my hump was getting worse. I walked to my classes, so I was getting exercise, but it wasn't enough. People started asking me if I was ok, because apparently now I was limping too. They thought I had injured my leg, or something. It was complications of the scoliosis. I had reached a point in high school where I didn't care what my back looked like; now, I started to feel subconscious about it again. I started to feel badly about my life and myself. Things took a terrible turn in my life. I was hanging out with the wrong crowds instead of the ones I knew made my life better. I couldn't see the bright side of things. My mood swings were that of a bi-polar person; if there is such a thing. My grades suffered and I was on Academic Probation after only one year. I was faced with a choice of failing out or forfeiting my semester and moving home to try again later. I moved home. I had no degree, so the only jobs I could get were jobs on my feet and without medical insurance. I know people will say that insurance is not always an important factor in the role of health, but to a twenty-two year old college drop out, it was very important. The long hours of standing around in shoes that fit the job, not the foot, began to wear me down. It seemed to make my pain worse. But I dealt with it. I would go home and soak in the tub, or ask my mom to massage my shoulders and back. I was getting worse.

A couple of years ago, a friend's mom had a sample pack of medication her physician had given her for mood swings and depression. She said it didn't do anything for her and she gave it to me. I was desperate. I would do anything to feel better physically as well as mentally. I looked the medication up online and did research. No side affects. It worked to boost serotonin levels in the brain. I tried it. After a couple of weeks I was able to feel a difference and my family was able to see it as well. I felt happier. My back still hurt, but I wasn't depressed. M y boyfriend asked me to marry him, I was going back to school to specialize in my field; life was looking up. Thank You little white pill. You made my life better. Until, I forgot to take my pill one day. What a crash! My brain was screaming at me, my mood was terrible. I couldn't believe I had become so dependant on them. I couldn't believe they had created such a strong addiction, a need. I had to take control. I didn't want to be on medication for the rest of my life.

It was just a few months ago, that I went to a Fall Festival at work. I hadn't planned on going, but my friend said she was going, so I agreed to go for a few hours. That day changed the rest of my life. Dr. Ollis had a booth set up in one of the rooms downstairs, and I decided to stop and ask questions. I signed up for New Patient Orientation on that following Tuesday night, and here I am. I learned so much about my situation, and disease, and how the spine and nervous system work. I am now in the Reconstructive Care Program and I am doing fine. No more medication, my range of motion is on the rise, and my pain and discomfort levels are improving. (But I know that pain is not the only reason to see your Chiropractor!) If you are reading this and toying with the idea of whether or not to see a Chiropractor, I strongly recommend you go. Don't wait any longer. I can't promise you that you will win the lottery or become President, but you will feel like a million bucks and you will rule your life as a healthier, happier, unsubluxated human being. Do the world a favor and turn up your light bulb!!!

Amanda W., Louisville, KY

I have received adjustments for three weeks for a stiff neck. After adjustments, my posture is much improved and I feel four inches taller each time I drive away from the office. I also noticed I can even turn my head a little further. My son is seven and a half and suffered a traumatic birth. He was in respiratory distress for sixteen minutes and has a diagnosis of being developmentally delayed. After his first adjustment, his bowels moved within the hour and he has a history of chronic constipation. His speech seems to have increased in speed. He feels energized after each visit and looks forward to getting adjustments. We also look forward to seeing Dr. Ollis who practice's with enthusiasm and compassion for his patients!

Gay Lynn H., Louisville, KY

Imagine being told at twelve years old "This pain is your life. It will only get worse. So get used to it." That is what a doctor told me after two surgeries- a spinal fusion and a spinal decompression. So I did as he said and got used to it. But the pain was beside the point. I felt like my light was being dimmed. My nerve impulses became more and more obstructed. I could no longer do the things I loved as well, like riding horses. I was dying bit by bit and I was told to get used to it.-Until I found chiropractic care. I found out that it was not over and that I would be able to release my body's ability to heal itself. Chiropractic care saved my life-literally. My lamp has been lit again. I can think better, work better, and move better. I have control over my life again. What a surprise! Chiropractic was my last resort-when it should have been my first.

Melissa D., Louisville, KY

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