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Nutritional Counseling

Ollis Chiropractic Uses Nutritional Counseling to Promote Wellness

Nutritional counseling is an excellent resource offered at Ollis Chiropractic. Dr. Ollis believes in total body wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional counseling helps our patients gain a healthy perspective and start taking better care of their bodies. Choosing a healthy lifestyle not only improves your physical health but can also assist with iStock_GreenplantsSMALL.jpgcertain mental health issues as well. Keeping your body fit and in good shape boosts your hormone functions and helps maintain balance throughout.

Weight loss may be a part of your chiropractic care routine. Being overweight can cause problems such as back pain and other muscles aches since the extra weight can cause stress on the body. Dr. Ollis will work to make recommendations that will fit your specific lifestyle. Dr. Ollis will design a nutritional plan to meet your individual needs. We will provide specific suggestions for nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to assist in achieving optimal health. Our family chiropractic clinic carries Standard Process Products which are whole food supplements and MediHerb herbal products that promote good nutrition. Using these supplements or other nutritional products is typically recommended to our patients to assist in their lifestyle changes.

Exercise is another essential part of achieving optimal body wellness. Our family chiropractic staff is trained to assist you with corrective exercises that may be needed to treat an injury as well as physical fitness exercises such as Pilates and Yoga which can help with your physical and mental health. Certain exercises may also be suggested for weight loss and other physical issues.

Ollis Chiropractic has many services available for you. In addition to chiropractic care we offer spinal rehabilitative exercise training as well as other corrective exercise training, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling and weight loss services,  spinal and postural screenings. Dr. Ollis is concerned with treating the cause of the pain and correcting it as well as relieving your pain. All of the services in our office complement each other so that we can treat your individual needs.