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Chiropractic Pediatric Care

Louisville Chiropractor Provides Pediatric Care for Growing Kids

Dr. Ollis has been helping kids stay healthy for years with chiropractic pediatric care. More parents are becoming concerned about the mounting studies demonstrating the risks of over-dependence on drug therapies to solve health problems in children, and we share these concerns. The good news is that Dr. Ollis is highly trained in louisvile chiropractor pediatric careusing safe, effective, drug-free, natural ways to help children beat the common afflictions of childhood, such as ear infections and asthma, growing pains, ADHD symptoms and even colic in newborn babies. 

In fact, highly-skilled chiropractic care can help little ones even before they are born through pregnancy care designed to help mothers overcome typical back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and other pregnancy pain management concerns -- and we do it all without substances that can harm the growing baby. We can help mothers and babies experience a much more enjoyable, healthier pregnancy and birth.

Pediatric care with Dr. Ollis actually starts with pregnancy care for expectant moms, simply because the health and well-being of the mother have a huge impact on the growing baby inside! Our main focus during pregnancy is helping the mother experience a healthy, comfortable, low-stress pregnancy. Drug-free pain management is a huge focus for us. We use precise spinal and pelvic adjusting techniques that help the mother's spine stay in optimal position to avoid common symptoms such as back pain, neck pain and sciatica often associated with pregnancy. Proactive pregnancy care helps mom stay active, healthy and comfortable throughout pregnancy, and can actually help make the delivery process less painful and traumatizing for everyone.

As the growing baby develops, one of the first parts of the body to take shape is the central nervous system. The nervous system, encased in the spine and skull, controls every other growth and development process in life, so it is crucial, through chiropractic pediatric care to help babies and children maintain proper spinal alignment for the optimum function of the nervous system. Anything from the delivery process and awkward sleeping positions to the common bumps and falls inherent in learning to walk, play, and run can coax a child's spine out of its correct position, which leads to pinched nerves, pain and health difficulties.

Dr. Ollis is highly trained and experienced to provide even newborns with spinal adjustments to correct these misalignments when necessary. By using no more pressure than can be comfortably applied to a closed eye, he can realign the spine gently, relieving pinched nerves and clearing up everything from colic and frequent ear infections to other common childhood complaints such as growing pains (back pain or extremity pain). As the child grows and becomes involved in athletics, Dr. Ollis can use the same highly-skilled chiropractic techniques to help with drug-free pain management and recovery from injuries and other illnesses.

We love helping children thrive. Please call us today for more information.