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We often find that people are unfamiliar with a chiropractor’s education.  Chiropractors are trained as primary care physicians, which requires that they be well-educated in a wide variety of areas.  A chiropractors training will vary some depending on what school they attended.

Below we have provided a comprehensive list of classes which serves to outline our doctor’s training as graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  Palmer's Doctor of Chiropractic program is a very rigorous and fast-paced program that consists of 173 credit hours taken year round over a little more than 3-year period (equivalent to 5+ academic years) divided into ten 14-week long trimesters.  

Trimester 1

Neuroanatomy 1
Neuroanatomy 1 Lab


Rights and Responsibilities

Chiropractic Philosophy I

Physiology I

Gross Anatomy I

Gross Anatomy I Lab

Biochemistry I

Trimester 2

Gross Anatomy II

Gross Anatomy II Lab

Spinal Anatomy

Spinal Anatomy Lab

Biochemistry II

General Pathology

Physiology II

Chiropractic Philosophy II

Evidence-based Clinical Practice


Trimester 3

Neuroanatomy II

Organ Histology



Systems Pathology I


Physiology III
Subluxation Analysis

Trimester 4

Life Science Review (of trimesters 1-3)

Introduction to Electronic Health Records

Physical Diagnosis I

Public Health

Systems Pathology II


Radiological Quality I

Toggle Recoil Adjusting Technique

Trimester 5

Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis I

Physical Diagnosis II

Male and Female Health


Chiropractic Philosophy III
Physiotherapy I:  Passive Care

Diagnostic Imaging I

Radiological Quality II

Cervical (neck) Adjusting Technique

Trimester 6

Introduction to Clinical Practice

Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis II


Clinical Psychology


Physiotherapy II:  Active Care

Diagnostic Imaging II

Thoracolumbar (mid and low back) Adjusting Technique

Pelvic Adjusting Technique

Trimester 7

Student Clinic (treating other students)

Emergency Procedures

Clinical Methods

Visceral Disorders

Differential Diagnosis

Clinical Nutrition

Chest and Abdomen Diagnostic Imaging

Adjusting Technique Principles

Extremity Adjusting Technique

Instrument Assisted Adjusting Technique

Trimester 8

Outpatient Clinic (treating the public)

Clinic Level I

Financial Management

Legal Issues

Chiropractic Practice I

Patient-centered Communication

Board Certification Preparation - Clinical

Board Certification Preparation - Radiology

Trimester 9

Outpatient Clinic (treating the public)

Clinic Level II

Practice Management

Regulatory Issues

Chiropractic Practice II

Trimester 10

Outpatient Clinic (treating the public)

Clinic Level III

Planning for Practice

Chiropractic Practice III

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