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What are Blue Zones?

Blue zones are specific geographical locations around the world where people live longer than average.  There are five Blue Zones:  Ikaria, Greece, Loma Linda, California, Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa, Japan, and Nicoya, Costa Rica.  Naturally, these zones have piqued the interest of many. 

What are some key features of Blue Zones?

Nutrition.  The most consistent nutritional trend across the five Blue Zones is a diet high in vegetables with some fruits.  They also tend to consume little meat throughout the day, if at all.  Though some of the Blue Zones do consume some cow dairy products, a few of the zones primarily consume goat or sheep's milk if they do consume dairy.  Drinking adequate amounts of water, getting sun exposure for Vitamin D, fasting, drinking herbal teas, putting lots of herbs and spices on their foods, and eating an early and light dinner are other trends in Blue Zones worth mimicking.  Notably, none of the Blue Zone populations consume much sugar.  

Activity.  People in Blue Zones live active lifestyles.  They often walk, hike, garden, or do their own yard work.  

Downshift.  Slowing down throughout the day or week may be the most common trend in Blue Zones. Afternoon naps, siestas, and full days of rest are the norm. 

Purpose.  One very interesting component of Blue Zone living is a continued sense of purpose.  Older adults are well integrated into the lives of their younger family members, often live with their younger families, and are honored and respected for their wisdom, experience, and contributions.

Community.  Blue Zone populations also have a tendency to belong to a supportive community of family and friends.  Strong ties to church, family, and life-long friends help them to feel loved, valued, and supported.  This helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and, therefore, reduces inflammation.

If you would like some coaching on how to implement some of the Blue Zone principles into your life, please get in touch with the Ollis Chiropractic team at [email protected] or 502-412-8580.

You can read more about Blue Zones at www.bluezones.com.

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