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Louisville Chiropractor Launches New Wellness Blog

family chiropractic clinic helps with back pain.jpgWelcome to our blog! Over the next weeks, months (and years), we'll be talking about our chiropractic clinic and ways you and your family can stay healthy and pain free without expensive and invasive surgery or prescription drugs. We'll be offering nutritional advice, tips on improving your posture and ways to minimize the pain of an auto accident injury and other causes of back and neck pain. We hope you'll visit our site often.

Family Chiropractic Care Advice and Information for Our Louisville Patients

At Ollis Chiropractic, our family chiropractic clinic offers a variety of wellness services. Among these are chiropractic techniques including gentle spinal adjustments that help correct your spine's alignment and ease your back pain. We also offer nutritional counseling to help you eat the foods that will help the healing process and weight loss advice to ease the burden on your back and joints. 

We'll teach you corrective exercises that you can do at home to help strengthen the muscles that support your back and next, and we'll offer you advice on small changes you can make that will yield big results in your quality of life, such as the right shoes to wear and the proper desk chair to use. Our Louisville chiropractor's approach to pain management is to identify the source of your pain, not just mask it with prescription drugs. On your first visit, we'll evaluate your case and together map out a plan for your recovery.

Our family chiropractic clinic works with auto accident injury and workmen's compensation cases. We accept most health insurance plans, including Medicare, and offer a variety of payment plans for those without chiropractic coverage.

Is there a topic that you'd like to see us cover in our blog over the next few months? Please feel free to offer your suggestions by leaving a comment below.

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