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Auto Accident Injury: Spotlight on Whiplash

Louisville chiropractor treats whiplash.jpgSince auto accident injury is one of the conditions treated most often here at our Louisville chiropractor, Dr. Ollis is familiar with handling cases of whiplash. Whiplash is often a result of an auto accident injury; although it can result from any situation where your body goes through a severe impact that affects your neck. This means you can get a whiplash injury on a roller coaster, or during a football or basketball game, for example. Dr. Ollis has been working to help people achieve the highest levels of wellness. From working as a lecturer and health educator for years, it is especially important to him that each of our patients understands their condition.

Pain Management for Whiplash Neck Pain

When you are in an auto injury accident or have an impact which results in whiplash, it happens because of the movement your neck makes during the impact. When you have such an impact, the neck is snapped forward or backward very sharply and suddenly. The neck and the whole spinal column are often affected by such an accident, leaving you needing pain management help.

The pain management for whiplash provided at our chiropractic clinic is designed to remove your back pain, headache, and other whiplash related pains in a completely non-invasive manner. Some of the techniques we use to help relieve whiplash-related pain include manual chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Ollis, in which he gently manipulates the neck and spine into correct alignment. Dr. Ollis also has several massage therapists on staff who are trained in utilizing soft tissues techniques and physiotherapy, which maximizes a complete recovery from your injuries.

Our goal as your care providers is to relieve all of your neck pain, back pain, and other whiplash symptoms in the most effective way possible - and as quickly as possible! Our chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques will prove to you that natural healing is the best type of healing to keep you healthy for the long term!

Have you ever had whiplash before? Tell us about your case and how it was treated!

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