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Here at Ollis Chiropractic, our goal is give you and your family the resources you need to live naturally healthy lives. We work hard to not only correct existing conditions, but to also educate you, the patient, on how to remain healthy and strong for life. Our chiropractic services are comprehensive, meaning they extend beyond traditional chiropractic techniques to include whole-body wellness for each member of your family.

If you visit Ollis Chiropractic with an injury, we may first conduct an exam & take x-rays to evaluate the extent of your injury and determine the most effective way to treat it. We may also ask you questions about the symptoms you are experiencing, such as headaches, joint pain, or difficulty sitting or standing. 

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Nutritional Counseling and Weight Loss Services

In addition to corrective care, Dr. Ollis also provides preventive family chiropractic services for patients of all ages. We recommend making chiropractic examinations and adjustments a routine part of your family's wellness plan. Nutrition is a key piece to the puzzle, as nutrition and chiropractic work together. We offer recommendations about diet and nutrition to all of our patients. Without proper nutrition, you will carry around extra weight and place yourself at a higher risk of personal injury in your bones, joints, and spine. We can help you identify which nutrients you are deficient in, and also offer recommendations for how to make positive nutritional changes. As a result, not only will you become healthier, but it is likely that you will also experience weight loss. Healthy weight loss means less pressure on your body's joints and bones, which could also deter future injury.

nutrition and weight lossEven the youngest members of your family can benefit from our comprehensive pediatric care. We believe that healthy posture and good bones start at a young age. Our pediatric care services consist of adjustments for birth traumas, manual manipulations for spinal subluxations, and nutritional counseling to ensure your child is on the path to total health. 

Visit us to find out how our office can help you and your family live healthier lives. You may be surprised to find out that some of the allergies or other chronic conditions are manageable with chiropractic care. Make an appointment to meet with Dr. Ollis soon. We look forward to meeting you!

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