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Muscle Specific Stretching, Massage & Therapy

Muscle Specific Stretching, Massage & Therapy for Injury and Illness

When injury patients visit Ollis Chiropractic, they may benefit not only from chiropractic adjustments, but also possibly from a prescribed physiotherapy treatment. These therapies can be beneficial for restoring functional movement to areas of the body affected by injury or illness. Together, physiotherapy chiropractic care and muscle specific stretching, massage & therapy can help patients with pain management and improve a number of health problems, including neurological conditions, age-related conditions, and problems in the bones and joints.


The goal at Ollis Chiropractic is to help auto accident and sports injury patients make full recoveries without surgical intervention. Muscle specific therapies fit well into that goal by offering a non-invasive way to promote healing in the body. At our office, we use muscle stimulation devices, hot and cold therapy and in-office exercises designed to offer restore natural motion range to the joints. Additionally, we teach our patients how to perform daily exercises from the comfort of home to facilitate healing and provide daily pain management without the use of medications.

Treatments are different for everyone and each session is customized to the patient's needs. Some sessions may be shorter than others, depending on the extent of an injury and the patient's ability to move and complete each exercise. Furthermore, it is the job of the chiropractor to modify each session's exercise to challenge the patient as he or she makes progress.

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Many types of people are candidates for muscle specific therapies. These type of therapy frequently helps patients who are suffering from a sports injury. A torn ACL, for example, is a common sports injury that requires the help of a physiotherapist. ACL tears occur when the knee is hyper extended or twisted beyond its normal range of motion. A chiropractor can provide care recommendations and rehabilitation exercises to help the ACL recover on its own.

Auto accident injury patients may also benefit from the services of a muscle specific therapies. Whiplash is a common auto accident injury that usually requires the skill of a chiropractor to properly realign the vertebrae and discs in the upper spine. Occasionally, an auto accident injury victim may also develop pressure in the neck and spine that can cause a chronic or recurring headache. The headache, in addition to stiff muscles and a limited range of motion can make basic daily functions very difficult. By implementing muscle therapy into a patient's treatment plan, the rehabilitation process is usually quicker and patients usually begin to experience less neck pain and back pain.

Dr. Ollis may also recommend treatment as a pain management technique to some patients with neck pain, back pain, or muscle stiffness that is the result of neurological conditions. For example, fibromyalgia often causes stiff muscles and soreness that may present itself in various areas of the body. A massage therapist can work with fibromyalgia patients to stretch the muscles, using customized exercises. Over time, it can be an effective form of pain management for fibromyalgia patients who continue with regular treatments.