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9 “Super” Foods to boost your health

Now-a-days, it seems like everywhere you turn, some health enthusiast is writing a blog about “super” foods.  In my opinion, any food you consume is only as super as your overall diet.  But, there are some foods that are “super” in the sense that they contain a high concentration of important nutrients.  I’ve listed a few impressive foods below that not only contain a high concentration of vital nutrients, but can also be consumed conveniently on a regular basis and bought in bulk.

  • Sprouted pumpkin seeds:  Sprouted seeds are easier to digest, i.e. their nutrients are more readily available to you.  Pumpkin seeds are high in manganese, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc.

  • Brazil nuts:  By far the best dietary source of selenium available to us.

  • Hemp hearts:  High in manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, B vitamins, omega-3’s, and omega-6’s.  Great smoothie additive!

  • Ground flax:  Ground flax is not only more convenient, but is easier to digest than whole flax seed.  Flax is high in omega-3’s.  One of my favorite smoothie additives!

  • Chia seeds:  High in omega-3’s.  Chia seeds should be consumed ground or after they have been soaked and are soft and jelly-like.  Great for smoothies or making chia pudding!

  • Sun:  Getting out in the sun (head, arm, and leg exposure for approximately 15-20 min) is the most reliable and best way to get vitamin D.  

  • Almonds:  High in manganese, magnesium, and vitamin E.  You can also buy almond flour, which is my favorite flour substitute for muffins, cookies, and pancakes!

  • Avocados:  High in potassium (way more than bananas), omega-3’s, and vitamin K. Avocados are good on pretty much anything, but again, they are a great smoothie additive!

  • Seaweed:  One of the only dietary sources we can use to easily incorporate iodine into our diet.  Make some sushi, eat some dried seaweed snacks, or add ground seaweed to your smoothies!

Buying these food items in organic form is what I would recommend.

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-Dr. Jared S. Ollis, DC

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