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Louisville Chiropractor Focuses on Extremity Pain Management

Louisville chiropractor helps with extremity pain.jpgAching in your arms, hips, knees, ankles and feet are not just signs of aging. Extremity pain is a common complaint among patients of all ages. Lower extremities like legs, ankles and feet are controlled by nerves in the lower back and spine; misalignment of this area may be the cause of pain radiating though your lower extremities. Other causes include injury, infection and disease. Your upper extremities start with your neck and shoulders going down to your arms and wrists. Overuse and daily wear and tear will contribute to your extremity pain. Extreme exercise and sports are also often culprits or pain contributors.

If you are looking for an alternative to medication for pain relief, then chiropractic care is your answer. Our Louisville chiropractor can help relieve and eliminate extremity pain without the use of pain medications. Manual adjustments are often effective treatments for extremity joint conditions and tissue damage. Chiropractic adjustment combined with physical therapy, physiotherapy and massage can successfully treat injuries such as personal injury or auto accident injury that are affecting certain extremities and causing pain.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Extremity Pain

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is the use of exercises that assist in healing overused muscles, ligaments and tissues that are causing extremity pain. Personal injury is a common cause of lower extremity pain. A slip and fall accident may affect the lower back, spine and legs. Using corrective exercises to strengthen and repair strained muscles will help treat extremity pain and injury.

Our family chiropractic clinic is dedicated to providing the best pain management options possible by using chiropractic methods and other therapies. Our chiropractor will design a unique chiropractic plan to treat your extremity pain and give you the relief you deserve. If you are suffering from extremity pain, then visit our Louisville chiropractor today.

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